Graybar Helps Bring Intelligent Lighting to the City of Hudson
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        Graybar Helps Bring Intelligent Lighting to the City of Hudson


        Located on the western edge of Wisconsin along the St. Croix River and the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, the City of Hudson is home to 13,400 residents and is one of the fastest growing cities in Wisconsin.


        When the City of Hudson Director of Public Works & Parks Tom Zeuli first met with Graybar, he was quickly impressed with the number of services and solutions Graybar had to offer. For the past few years, Zeuli had been looking into upgrading the city’s lighting system, but poor timing and issues with budgeting had left the project at a standstill.

        “Lighting has always been a high percentage of our power bill and operating expense,” said Zeuli. “And it doesn’t help that we are located right on the riverbank. The lights are constantly exposed to windy conditions, causing the bulbs to burn out quickly. Overall, we knew that LED street and parking area fixtures would solve many of the technical issues we experienced daily with HID lighting. The bright, white LED lights would be more attractive to our residents, save money on energy and maintenance costs and last much longer.”


        Graybar proposed that the city utilize the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Cooperative to secure the best roadway compliant fixtures, prices and utility incentives. According to their website, U.S. Communities is the leading national government purchasing cooperative, providing world class government procurement resources and solutions to local and state government agencies looking for the best overall supplier government pricing.

        After metering, testing and measuring all of the existing lights, the city selected GE Lighting’s Evolve? LED roadway fixtures paired with GE Lighting’s LightGrid? Outdoor Wireless Control System to replace the existing high pressure sodium and metal halide fixtures throughout the downtown areas and roadways.

        The new intelligent lighting system would provide the city with remote access to lighting data and monitoring capabilities for all of the fixtures throughout the city.

        “With the new controls system, I can log onto my computer or smart phone and pull electrical usage data, validate which lights are working, locate a knock-down fixture and implement or change a dimming schedule for any group of fixtures,” said Zeuli. “Dimming the lights will not only save the city even more on energy costs, but further extend the life of the fixtures.”

        The installation was broken up into three phases: roadways, parking lots and decorative lights. Working closely with the local contractor and the city, Graybar helped create a delivery and installation schedule based on usage and area events.

        The retrofit began with the area of greatest savings, the street lights, and ended with the parking areas due to easier access.


        The project was completed in December 2015. The city expects an annual energy and maintenance savings of approximately $54,336, including savings from dimming low traffic roadway and parking lot areas, while still meeting Wisconsin Department of Transportation guidelines for street lighting.

        “Overall, the community has had a largely positive reaction to the new lights,” said Zeuli. “The parking lots are as bright as they’ve ever been and people really seem to like the whiter, cleaner look.”

        The city also benefited from a unique electrical utility incentive which completely paid for the entire installation labor cost of the fixtures and controls.

        “The savings from the upgrades will help us fund some of our other priority projects now and for years to come,” said Zeuli.

        Lighting Upgrade Areas:


        • Library
        • Boat Launch
        • Bath House Lot
        • North Lot
        • Firehall
        • City Hall


        • Downtown Streets
        • Coulee Road
        • Carmichael Road
        • Crestview Drive
        • Hanley Road
        • Stageline Road